julep totally nails it

julep totally nails it


i say it all the time, but i love brands that do one thing really well. they know who they are and they have a focused expertise in one area that usually means every single one of their products is of the utmost quality. for hands and nails, that brand is julep. if you’ve been reading this blog for a long while, you might remember this post. well, let’s just say they’ve come a long way. the brand has expanded to include over 150 shades of their signature polish and they’ve launched a monthly box subscription program called maven. while i will always look to julep as the cutting edge in color, it’s their innovative and advanced treatments that keep me coming back for more.

mighty nail and cuticle serum, $28 – just like the best serum does for your skin, this treatment improves the health and appearance of nails when applied at their roots (your cuticles)

oxygen nail treatment, $18 – this is your foundation. dubbed “nail makeup” oxygen hides little imperfections, provides a subtle gloss, and works to improve the strength and smoothness of your nail beds.

hand and cuticle stick, $22 – leaves hands silky soft without making them greasy, all in one twist up stick

freedom polymer top coat, $18 – a mini force field, this quick dry, gel like top coat extends the life of your mani yet comes off with any polish remover

have you tried any of these treatments? think you’ll add one to your mani mix?


4 thoughts on “julep totally nails it

  1. I love the Oxygen Nail Treatment and the Freedom Top Coat. I think we are getting that cuticle treatment in our April Maven boxes (yay!). The hand and cuticle stick has been on my wishlist for a while. Have you tried the Rock Star hand cream? That is another favorite. Smells like a spa!


  2. They also have amazing quick dry polish drops and I’ve become obsessed with their super light, citrus scented face and hand lotion.


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