beautyaddicts showoff mascara


my lash look varies depending on the day. some days, i want crazy volume and plushness that’s all drama and sass, and some days i want natural looking, clump-free length that looks like its growing right out of my very own lids. the latter look is more what i go for on an everyday basis and for an everyday mascara, beautyaddicts showoff is really giving me the goods. that curved brush is shaped perfectly to my eye, catching every lash and delivering awesome curl without the use of a lash curler. my ho-hum, nothing special lashes are lengthened without a single clump and i’m left batting fringe that fools even me. now, there are lots of mascaras out there that look great right after application but that start to show their true colors as the day wears on. the true test of a mascara for me is one that holds its shape and length without flaking or smudging, even on my bottom shelf. (note: there are very few mascaras that live up to their claims of not smudging. very. few.) to challenge this mascara further, my naturally (for whatever reason) watery eyes tend to push things to the limit. i’ve been wearing this mascara for a straight week now and i’m almost sad to take it off at night – with nothing more than soap and water, thank you very much – because it still looks that pristine after 8+ hours of wear. beyond looks, the addition of argan oil makes this a formula that’s very easy to wear for long periods of time without irritating my eyes. you get a fabulous fan of feathered fringe and that’s something you just can’t put a price on.

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