hold me baby bag

hold me baby bag

it takes a lot to impress me in the beauty bag department. with the multitude of options available everywhere i turn, a company has to be bringing something really new and different to the table in order to catch my attention. when the hold me company reached out to me with the new, smaller scale version of their original hold me bag, i couldn’t resist giving it a try. i have to have everything in its place, especially my beauty products, especially when it comes to travel. my biggest gripe in the travel cosmetic world has been the lack of a product that will keep my stuff organized for a quick overnight (or even a two night) stay. when all i’m packing is a duffel, i don’t want to have to lug a huge hanging organizer or train case around for my makeup and skincare.

the hold me baby bag is the perfect solution. it offers at-a-glance organization complete with brush protection (one of my favorite features!) and it holds a ton, before folding up to a compact size. the high performance knew-suede fabric is easy to care for making me worry much less about spills and explosions. the wrap-around cinch tie means that i can close the bag efficiciently regardless of how much stuff i’ve shoved inside (no velcro, magnet, or metal snap that would restrict the number/shape of products).

i could have gotten many more products tucked inside this hold me baby, but i wanted to show you how perfectly sized it is for my daily routine. the high-quality, unique bag comes in 12 different liner color options ( each done in a wipe-clean cotton print) so there’s definitely something for everyone. i’m curious: do you have a hold me bag? is there something else that works well for taking your beauty on an overnight adventure?

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