living proof weightless styling spray

living proof weightless styling spray

i feel compelled to affirm that i test hair brands beyond living proof. it’s just that the lp products always rise above the rest – and who am i to withhold good, quality information from you only for fear of beginning to sound like a broken record?

living proof’s weightless styling spray is yet another winner. it completely stops frizz and blocks humidity without causing buildup or weighing hair down with silicones or oils. a good all-over head spray before drying is enough to smooth out my curls and prep hair for the flat iron. my croc glides through without resistance and i love the added shape and hold that i get from this product. i tested it in yesterday’s rainy weather without any puffiness, kink or curl making an appearance – the smoothness held up far above my expectations. then today, as i was running late and had to skip my shower, i was completely impressed with how clean my hair still looked since yesterday morning’s wash and blow dry. the lightness of the spray gives hair a matte, natural finish and the formula works to actually repel dirt, keeping my hair cleaner longer.

i’m crazy about this stuff and will definitely be working it into my regular product rotation. it’s a great option for girls who have fine-to-medium hair and anyone whose hair texture needs smoothing or straightening, but can’t handle anything heavy.

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9 thoughts on “living proof weightless styling spray

  1. With things tagged “editorial sample”, does that mean the company sent you the product for free? Or that you were paid to write the review? Or does it mean something else? Thanks!


    • good question! it means that the company sent me the product to review (either unsolicited or because i requested that product in particular).


      • Thanks for the response, Lara! I know that you’d never write a glowing review about a product you didn’t like, but it’s still good to know. I’m actually taking a mass comms grad course, and we’ve been talking a lot about disclosure via e-Word of Mouth advertising, so I’ve been paying particular attention to this. Thanks again!


      • that’s so interesting about your class! very cool. and i appreciate the comments on my integrity and credibility – it’s VERY important to me.


  2. I have been looking for a good spray that does all the aforementioned for awhile now. Nothing I try ever seems to work that well and ever since I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago, my locks fall flat with no real style to them or they become extremely frizzy in this wacky NY weather.

    I had been using Bumble & Bumbles Does It All Styling Spray but honestly I really don’t see any noticeable difference when using this product. My hair gets sticky and seems frizzier because of the spray, so I end up brushing it out (which you can do easily with B&B’s spray), and then it’s like the product becomes completely pointless. Have you used B&B’s spray? Do you know how it would compare to this one by living proof? I’m definitely going to pick up this spray and try it out – it seems like everything I have been looking for in one bottle. It seems like it is comparable to B&B’s Does It All Spray, but it probably works way better (based on your review).

    Also, I feel like living proof products are a hit or miss with me, but I am definitely willing to try this one. I have cut down on hair products tremendously after using Wen (which works PERFECTLY for me), but I still need a spray just like this to block humidity, give my hair some kind of shape and hold, and also the cleansing aspect of it makes it sound even better.


    • i think this will be *perfect* for you! i had the same experience with the bumble spray(s) – this one is completely different. let me know what you think when you give it a try :)


      • I just received this with my latest Sephora haul and I’m definitely liking it a lot. I want to test it out a few more times (I only really used it once after washing so far) before I make my ultimate decision. I am actually shocked at how clean my hair still looks today! It’s like this stuff actually BLOCKS frizz and it also adds great shape to my hair. This is a super unique product — something I have been looking for for a long time, but it does so many things that many individual products do, all wrapped up in one bottle :) Thanks for the review! Otherwise I don’t think I would have ever really tried this product!


      • yay! that’s great news all around. i have also been impressed with how great my second day hair is looking – much less greasy than with other products!


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