tata harper aromatic treatments

tata harper aromatic treatments

lately i find myself in a state of entrepreneurial mania. as an independent sales representative working with two national brands and one budding fragrance company, a blogger and brand ambassador times two, it’s easy to feel like my head is spinning in many different directions at any given moment. i’m also getting ready to launch another exciting project next month and while i am beyond thrilled with everything i have going on, it can start to feel like a bit too much on one plate. i know this feeling is not unique to me so i had to share just one of the ways that i’m keeping calm and carrying on.

tata harper is a 100% natural organic and nontoxic anti-aging skincare company. rooted in the belief that stress is one of the leading causes of premature aging, the line is complete with an aromatherapy line of mood treatments that promote wellness, stability, and vitality. their trio of essential botanical oils help to maintain a sense of calm, balance, and wellness.  when applied to the pulse points on the insides of your wrists, behind your ears, and on the sides of your neck, they work to help you relax, reduce irritability, and de-stress.

bedtime treatment: mandarin (calms the mind and acts as a mild sedative), melissa oils (inner contentment), clary sage (deep relaxation), lavender (soothes, relaxes, calms)

irritability treatment: roman chamomile (comforts, calms), bergamot (relieves irritation and anger), patchouli (stabilizes and grounds)

stress treatment: linden blossom (calms), rose otto (alleviates anxiety), fresh neroli (uplifts and soothes nerves), frankincense (deepens breathing)

i haven’t always been the biggest holistic healing believer, but i will say that whether it’s truly psychological or a bunch of hooey, taking thirty seconds to calm down and center myself daily is an essential part of my beauty routine. tata harper’s aromatic treatments come in perfectly portable glass rollerball bottles that look beautiful on my bedside table and are a cinch to pack up and take on the road. i can’t recommend them highly enough.

shop tata harper aromatherapy ($60 each) >


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