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last week i was in sephora, staring at the anastasia section all forlorn when a product consultant asked me if i needed help with my brows. “YES!” i think i shouted. “you-see-i’m-trying-to-grow-them-out-a-bit-but-there’s-all-these-holes-and-i-try-to-fill-them-in-but-then-they-look-too-dark…” she laughed and sat me down for a little lesson in arch support.

i had been looking at the anastasia brow powder duos which she quickly steered me away from. she put brow wiz in medium ash into my hand and walked me through how to properly fill in my brows. first, she told me that you have much more control with a skinny pencil than you do with a powder and a brush. this was music to my ears, because i have been frustrated by the unnatural look that i’m left with when using brow powder.

she taught me how to use diagonal strokes to fill in all of my brows, using the way that they naturally grow as a guide and going all the way down the tail, then brushing them out to blend a little. the results were gorgeous and the compliments have been pouring in. my previous mistakes had been 1) using a brow powder that was too dark for me and 2) not filling them in completely so i was left with this crazy uneven mess.

if you want to take spring’s bold brow trend for a spin but yours could stand to be whipped in to shape, the anastasia brow wiz pencil is going to be your new best friend. the application is smooth and easy, just stay inside the lines of your natural arch and you’ll be golden.

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11 thoughts on “anastasia brow wiz

  1. I love this company and the brow pencil is perfect for me too. I struggle more with keeping my brows neat looking between waxes and I can’t go a day without this pencil! it’s really amazing what a little brow help can do for your overall look.


  2. I have such sparse brows. This sounds like music to my ears!! I don’t suppose you have pics or steps?? An totally in need of step by steps!! This is so good though. Never thought for using upwards strokes to follow the brows natural direction. Sounds so straightforward once you said it!


    • do you have a sephora or ulta near you? i would say the best thing is to track down a product consultant and get a mini-lesson. but honestly, once you get your hands on this pencil and start working with it, i think you will find it *very* easy. good luck!!


  3. I’d like to know how it holds up:
    -against moisture
    -contact (smearing)

    Are there darker shades?
    I’m skeptical about the “natural look”. Sephora’s natural is not what I would call natural. Right now I use an Avon glimmerstick in soft black and it’s the most natural that I have gotten. For me it’s basically drawing in my brows because they are just so sparse. How do you think this product would work for me?

    Do you have before and afters/ can point me in the direction of a tutorial?


    • hi nikki! it’s not waterproof, it washes off with mild facewash and water at the end of the day but it does not travel or smudge at all. the product comes in five shades (ebony is the darkest) and i would definitely say it’s a good product for filling in small holes but it’s probably not the best thing if you REALLY need to draw your brows on. sounds like the avon is a great option for you, but if i stumble upon something else i will certainly share. i hope that’s helpful!


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