day to night: simple skincare

day to night: simple skincare


i’m forever searching for the perfect day moisturizer – one that will give me a religious experience. in short, i want one that is light but nourishing, hydrating and doesn’t feel heavy or tacky on my skin. i try a lot of moisturizers and what lets most of the front runners down is their lack of spf. when i hop out of the shower, my skin quickly starts to feel tight so i need a face lotion that’s going to soak in and soothe, right off the bat. from there, i need a formula that is fragrance-free, without anything that might irritate my skin and it has to be oil free (i mean, my pores clog if you look at them the wrong way). simple has nailed their protecting light moisturizer formula meeting all of the preceding criteria with the addition of spf.

at night, i’ve found that added moisture keeps my skin very happy – especially when i’m traveling. the vital vitamin night cream is super hydrating without being heavy. it soaks in all the way, leaving nothing sitting on my skin and brings a softness that i love, love, love. vitamin e improves my skin while i sleep, and the ingredients work together to bring balance after a long day. in the morning, my skin is soothed and stress-free – totally ready to face the day.

this duo has far exceeded by expectations! do you have any simple products in your day-to-night routine?

this post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the simple® skincare program.


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