ojon damage reverse hair serum

ojon damage reverse instant restorative hair serum

the winter is wreaking havoc on my head, from root to tip. i feel like no matter what i do, my hair looks completely fried and i don’t love it. my hair stylist taught me that the most essential product i can use in my hair is a heat protectant since i blow dry and flat iron every other day (emphasis on the flat iron, i have no talent with a round brush). so, i do that, but it’s just not enough. then on a whim, i picked up a mini bottle of this ojon serum and my tresses are loving the effects. just a drop or two added to my heat protectant of choice and i’m instantly enjoying extra shine and smoothness. it doesn’t leave any residue behind or weigh my fine hair down, yet my flat iron glides through more easily and leaves things just a touch more manageable. the finish is salon-worthy and i’m kicking myself for not adding it to my every-other-daily routine sooner.

do you use a hair oil? how late am i to this party anyway?

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4 thoughts on “ojon damage reverse hair serum

  1. You are years late, but never mind – welcome to the party! Because I have an oily scalp I have to wash my hair every day which strips my hair of natural oils, and now I live in Los Angeles I have sun damage to contend with too. I use liberal amounts of Morrocanoil, especially focusing on the tips of my hair after I have towel dried my hair to remove excess moisture every day, and I have noticed such a difference in my hair I shudder to think of the condition of it before I started this routine!


  2. I’m totally on the hair-oil train! I’ve been loving Bumble & Bumble’s Hairdresser Oil and Josie Maran’s Argan oil on my ends. I have fine hair too and these keep it from getting all mangy and static.


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