soap & glory a great kisser

soap & glory a great kisser

when jean godfrey-june says jump,  i say “how high?” i pretty much live and die for that woman’s “from the beauty closet” section in each issue of lucky magazine. i can trust that there will always be one or more gems of product that i did not know i could live without. this month, that product was soap & glory’s lip balm called “a great kisser” and once again, june did not disappoint.

i’ve been using this balm faithfully each morning to top off my makeup routine and boy am i impressed. this pink pot has several major pro’s over its less-great peers. for one, it smells and tastes like apricots (or maybe peaches?). from there, it has a tendency to melt on to lips and sinks in deep. a trifecta of soothers (mango butter, apricot berry, and lingonberry oil) work to moisturize, protect against winter winds, and hydrate intensely.

after washing my face and applying makeup, this balm leaves my lips feeling immediately moisturized and hydrated. it lasts a shockingly long time (my biggest complaint of all lip balms) and has a sheer coral tint that makes lips look shiny and full. i’d say that this one is totally worth the ten bucks. i think you’ll find a friend for life. or at least, for as long as it takes for me to discover the next best thing in lip balm.

shop soap & glory a great kisser ($10) >

note: i always finish my makeup routine by prepping my lips for color with a moisturizing lip balm. to share some perspective, previous contenders for this highly coveted spot have been smith’s minted rosebud salve, christian dior creme de rose, bobbi brown lip balm, and good old fashioned vaseline.


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