mario badescu hair care

mario badescu hair products

my hair has been enjoying the benefits of mario badescu’s hair products over the last couple of weeks. i should have known that the master of botanically-based skincare would have another trick up his sleeve! similar to his skin products, mario’s hair line offers multiple options depending on your specific needs, at an exceptional price. i’ve been alternating the simple and mild all-purpose egg shampoo (which doubles as a body wash) with the clean-rinsing chamomile shampoo (great for my oily hair – it doesn’t build up or weigh my hair down) with perfectly lustrous and shiny results. my favorite product by far is the hair rinsing conditioner. it leaves my hair feeling so soft without adding any weight. when you’ve got medium-fine hair without a ton of density like moi, this is a godsend. i also love knowing that i’m using pure and simple ingredients and i can’t get enough of the resulting good hair. let’s just say that these three bottles have quickly become a few of my favorite things!

shop mario badescu hair ($8 – $14) >


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