the new nail essentials from butter london

butter london manicure

(photo by kate headley)

here’s the thing about nails. just like skin, they behave completely differently in the winter than they do any other time of year. mine get hard and brittle withy dry, unruly cuticles. it ain’t pretty, people. i was having this conversation with the butter london girls in nyc and they loaded me up with products to combat my problems, along with a new nude from their spring ‘starkers’ collection. here’s the combination that’s been working wonders on my frozen fingertips:

melt away cuticle eliminator breaks down and softens the stray skin around my nails and makes removal a cinch. after two minutes, you can push them down with an orange stick or even a cuticle stone eraser to eliminate the need to cut them.

horse power nail fertilizer can be used as a stand-alone strengthener, as a base coat, and a top coat. this 3-in-one works overtime to repair damaged nails and the results are quite impressive. like your best repairing skin cream or hair treatment, horse power improves the look and feel of your nails, especially important in the harsh weather.

the girls prescribed shandy (a light, apricot creme) as my go-to nude. it showcases my skin tone in a soft, understated yet sophisticated way. (fun fact: it’s named after a beverage that’s equal parts beer and sprite…yum?)

finally, they tucked handbag holiday into my pocket. they urged me to apply it nightly and enjoy the hydrating, intensely nourishing benefits. i’ve also been using it over my finished manicure for extra shine and a little “slip” that means i can spend less time sitting and waiting for my nails to dry.

what do you think of these manicure miracles? think you’ll give any of them a try this winter? (or even this weekend for those of you trapped inside during this crazy northeast blizzard? stay safe, beauties!)


6 thoughts on “the new nail essentials from butter london

  1. I have never heard of a cuticle stone eraser, what is different about this tool? I have horrible cuticles and am always looking for new ways to get them under control.


    • i discovered it at an nyc nail salon when they used it on me and i will never use anything else! it sloughs off dead skin without tearing or cutting giving your nails and cuticles a very clean look. it’s gentle, but effective (and cheap!).


  2. I love Butter London — although I’ve only used their actual polish, top coat & base coat. I always, always polish my nails with their top coat & base coat and the top coat seriously makes any nail polish almost look like a gel manicure. Even though it is a fast-drying formula, you have to let it dry perfectly or you might mess up your manicure, since it’s a pretty thick top coat, almost like a seal. I definitely want to try out these products — my nails are starting to look pretty weak in between manicures right now!


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