these or those: vintage earrings

these or those: vintage earrings

i have a soft spot for vintage-inspired sparkle and i’ve had my eye on these lulu frost stunners for the longest. my husband might have a heart attack if i spent $180 on a pair of earrings (that in all likelihood, i will be over by next season…i’m the most fickle of fashion lovers), so i could not be more thrilled by these gorgeous alternatives from mark. both styles offer a unique feathered shape with an art deco feel. they’re ornate and at the same time, timelessly elegant. one of each, please?

these: mark. good vintage earrings, $18

those: lulu frost demeter earrings, $180

ps – did you hear lisa salzer was at the ifb conference in nyc yesterday? she doled out a wealth of warm-hearted business advice, i think i developed the most serious of girl crushes. still not sure i can pull the trigger on those earrings, though :)

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