flower beauty

drew barrymore's flower line for walmart

i recently took a journey to my not-so-local walmart (oh, the things i do for you! :)) with the sole purpose of experiencing drew barrymore’s new makeup line, flower. i had been casually following the buzz on its release, but it was this interview on emily’s blog that really pushed me over the edge  to check it out. i became quickly obsessed with the philosophy on how drew built this brand and i knew i needed it in my makeup bag.

upon discovering the gorgeous tower of pretty in the beauty department, i started stocking up. here are my early favorites from the line, all priced from $5-$14.

lip service lip butter in princess & the peony, $6.98
about face foundation with primer, $13.98
ready set glow! blush/bronzer duo in shimmering goddess, $9.98
nail’d it nail lacquer in cosmo-politan, eye of tiger lily, and good bud-dy, $4.98
petite fleurs pocket triplet lip in shade 1, $6.98
petite fleurs pocket triplet concealer in combo 3, $6.98
zoom-in ultimate mascara, $7.98

as you can see, there is a lot to love here. i’m really impressed with the quality of these products, the color ranges, luxe packaging and overall cohesiveness of the line. (it’s also selling like hotcakes.) in the end, i guess i should have known that i would be in love with a makeup collection from her bohemian highness. if you like what you see, get yourself to a walmart to experience the loveliness in person!


10 thoughts on “flower beauty

  1. I am so happy you posted about this, as I was just doing research on the line trying to figure out which of the products to try out. This helps me narrow it down a bit! I have to say, I’m surprised you didn’t pick up the BB cream!


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