FLOW blow dry & beauty bar

FLOW reception

this here’s a post for all of my northern virginia beauties.

i had the positively delightful experience of a “flow” out at the new FLOW blow dry & beauty bar in reston. not only is the ambiance at flow comfortable, girlie, and whimsical, but the customer service is exceptional. i spent an hour with my sweet stylist katrina, darling receptionist shannon, manager anna, and make up artist extraordinaire mona. the ladies treated me like royalty and trust me when i tell you that they are a fun bunch!


upon sitting down in katrina’s chair, she treated me to a brief consultation where we talked about the type of hair i have and what kind of flow’out i wanted. (they have a full menu of 8 styles, each $35 and each more gorgeous than the next!) katrina then explained my cocktail. she washed and conditioned my hair with kevin murphy’s angel wash and angel rinse, followed by an indulgent scalp massage. post-wash, she worked kevin murphy’s body builder (a weightless volumizer) and his young again heat protecting gloss through my hair. then, she pre-dried my roots in the opposite direction than they were going to lay in order to cut drying time. for a finishing touch, she spritzed my mane with moroccanoil gold glimmer shine and gave me some extra oomph and staying power from kevin murphy’s fresh hair, a dry shampoo-type product.


(look at that flip! that shine!)

flow’s talents go far beyond blowouts and their service list includes braiding, ponies, updo’s, half updo’s, threading, organic makeup application (the salon is fully stocked in tarte cosmetics) and strip lash application. i went for the whole shebang, minus the threading. makeup artist mona gave me the ‘all glammed up’ which included a serious set of strip lashes. i was completely impressed by the whole experience and enjoyed countless compliments on both my makeup and hair at friday’s nomaterra event. i’m so grateful to the entire FLOW team for their efforts in dolling me up and i can’t wait to see them again soon!

Mona & Katrina

call (571) 375 2347 to book an appointment or learn more about FLOW blow dry & beauty bar, 11700 plaza america drive, suite 130, in reston at flowblowdrybar.com.


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