skyn icelandic relief eye cream

skyn icelandic relief eye cream

i was going to make this a his & mine post featuring mr. glossarie’s and my dueling eye creams, when i had to get serious and admit that it’s really not a duel. i reach for his eye cream every single night and mine is just collecting dust on a shelf.

i purchased skyn’s icelandic relief eye cream for the husband when his 30th summer of intense soccer playing sans spf took a visible toll on his eye area. he ain’t as young as he used to be and while his mediterranean skin is tan and lovely, it’s very unforgiving in the crow’s feet department. this eye cream came highly recommended at sephora (although it’s no longer available there which is odd…) when i told them that i needed something basic that would provide instant effects and encourage nightly use by my reluctant man.

here’s why he and i both love this stuff: it goes on silky smooth and your eye area feels instantly improved. it has a cool, spongy texture making it easy to apply and the burst of moisture that it gives to your undereyes is unparalleled. it’s kind of minimalist in that it doesn’t look or feel girly and it’s on the lighter side. we have both been applying generously and often because it feels so-o good. as for results, it helps a ton with puffiness and i’ve even seen some improvement in dark circles (although mine are not terrible). it has definitely plumped up my eye area with regular use, not making a huge impact on fine lines, but helping to minimize them just as much as any other hydrating eye cream out there – and i definitely do not see any new lines cropping up.

if you’re looking for a great co-ed eye cream or just want something that’s effective and easy, you can find skyn’s icelandic relief eye cream online for $45.


2 thoughts on “skyn icelandic relief eye cream

  1. OOo very intrigued.. I have yet to find an eye cream I’m totally in love with as a matter of fact. Keep trying out new ones, but… still on the hunt. Perhaps I’ll see if I can get my hands on a sample of this.


    • yes! definitely pick up a sample. i’m thinking some sephoras might still have it in store? they have a great sampling program, i’m sure you know :)


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