trish mcevoy beauty booster tinted moisturizer

trish mcevoy beauty booster tinted moisturizer

my face has a new obsession.

trish mcevoy’s beauty booster tinted moisturizer is my favorite skin perfecter of the moment. it feels cool and smooth going on after my moisturizer, glides over my skin and  has just the right amount of coverage to it. the formula isn’t too heavy or sheer, easily hiding imperfections and bringing out the best in my skin.

you can apply with your fingertips (i’ve been using my favorite brush) and along with the benefits like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, you also get spf 20 which coincides perfectly with my ‘wear spf everyday’ resolution. after it’s applied, it feels as though i’ve got nothing on but my face looks almost airbrushed, it’s so flawless.

if you suffer from dry winter skin, but like to keep things matte throughout the day this is an excellent option for you. i know it’s not the most wallet-friendly choice, but it might be worth the investment for your face to feel comfortable and look beautiful in the extreme weather.

trish mcevoy’s beauty booster tinted moisturizer is available in stores and online for $75.


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