clinique ‘moisture surge’ overnight mask

clinique 'moisture surge' overnight mask

my dermatologist taught me that skin is the most primed and ready to receive treatments of any kind at night. that’s because it’s the time when skin naturally works to repair and rebuild itself. your masks and creams are more easily absorbed and work more effectively when you apply them before bed, bringing new meaning to the phrase beauty sleep.

when clinique’s new ‘moisture surge’ overnight mask landed on my doorstep, i knew it was going to be a game changer. i have loved the moisture surge line since college when i went running to fredericksburg virginia’s only department store (a hecht’s, now macy’s) and put myself at the mercy of the clinique counter. dorm room dryness had done my skin in and the lady in the white lab coat behind the counter prescribed clinique’s original moisture surge thirsty skin relief. it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

this mask is like a souped up version of thirsty skin relief. it’s thick and almost balm-like, far more moisturizing than your typical night cream. smoothing it over your face and neck feels like heaven and the glowy look that your skin takes on will make you feel instantly prettier. put yourself to bed and awake in the morning with skin that’s plump and hydrated, not at all greasy. as an added bonus, i’ve noticed that things are clearer when i use this (my dermatologist also taught me that zits can crop up due to your skin being too dry, not just because it’s too oily). all in all, i really feel like i’m doing something great for my face when i apply this stuff. i’ve been going with an every-other-night regimen and it’s whipping some major butt in the winter blues department.

if your skin needs a little something extra this season, pick up a tube of clinique’s ‘moisture surge’ overnight mask, available in stores and online for $32. you will not be sorry!

15 thoughts on “clinique ‘moisture surge’ overnight mask

  1. Damn you Lara Ramos and your crazy perfect timing with your blog posts! I’ve been in dyer need of moisture and will probably go but this today.

    I’ve also been better about washing my face at night in 2013 (well minus last night but I blame the sangria!) :-)

    Thanks, as always, for the beauty boost!!

    Katie Jolicoeur 410.703.6755


  2. I’m a huge Clinique fan – I’ve used their Anti-Blemish Solutions range for a few years now and I absolutely love it! I had a tester pot from this range before and remember thinking it was lovely – the consistency is so hydrating but not at all greasy. I may have to invest in the mask, the winter dryness has definitely set in on my combination skin!


    • i am a huge kiehl’s fan! i mix and match lines a lot (not sure if you’re supposed to) to get the best products from each brand. my skin doesn’t seem to complain too much :)


  3. It’s my first time at your blog and already found something I love! I’m on my 4th bottle/jar or whatever moisturizer to help with my dry winter face and didn’t even think to look at Clinique (one of my favorite brands!) – but now I will be! Thank you, and love this blog! xo, Deena


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