lush sugar scrubs for lips

lush sugar scrubs for lips

my lips have been exhibiting dry and flaky behaviors of epic proportions since my trip to nyc last weekend. something about that city chill (and wind!) combined with dry hotel room air really did a number on me. not only were my lips so red that people were asking me what lip color i was wearing (umm…nothing-that’s-just-how-chapped-they-are-thanks.), but the visible dryness and flakes were more than i could handle. once i got back to dc and calmed down the redness with a larger quantity of vaseline than is probably recommended, i got down to the business of smoothing things out.

before washing my face last night, i broke out my new favorite lip scrub from lush. i like lush’s lip scrubs because along with being all natural, the salt and sugar granules are small, making them gentle enough to tackle the rawest skin and still get the job done. i took a healthy serving and smeared it all over my lips, making sure to get all around the edges and in the corners. rubbing my fingers in a circular motion, i could already feel situations improving. then i rubbed my lips together for a few seconds before rinsing off with warm water.

the difference was immediately noticeable, plus the yummy flavor and simple list of all natural ingredients means you can literally lick your lips. (and trust me, you’ll want to – these are delicious!) mine were left baby soft and smelling sweetly of coconut, a huge improvement over the ‘before’ picture.

these little pots are the real deal! grab one of your own in three flavors for $9.95 at lush.


10 thoughts on “lush sugar scrubs for lips

  1. I have the mint julips scrub and I love using it at night before I put on my night lip balm … it makes my lips feel so smooth! I don’t remember purchasing it for that much though, they must have increased the price because it was (and is) so popular!


    • you might be right! prices are still great, but i’m sure they’ve increased over time due to popularity. you can’t beat the product :)


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