living proof straight

living proof straight spray

every living proof product that touches my hair, turns it into gold.

this lightweight spray creates a sleek style that lasts for days, thanks to the absence of oils or silicones and a formula that works to repel dirt. a good 10-second all over the head spray is the perfect prescription for speedily dried, smoothed out hair that’s primed for the flat iron. on top of the way ‘straight’ aids my styling, it also protects my hair from the heat which my stylist tells me is the number one thing i should be looking for in a product.

i will say that for whatever reason, this product quickens blow drying but somehow slows the straightening process. it takes a bit longer to straighten and smooth out my hair to my liking once it’s dry, but the results are better than any other product i’ve tried. the finish has nice hold and shape, not overly shiny but not at all dry. when i’m done, it’s kind of like that’s just what my hair naturally does – my hair looks good, and not as though i tried to make it look good. that’s the beauty of why i love this stuff so much.

if your hair is medium-fine with waves or curls that you’re constantly battling with heat tools, this is a great solution. living proof products can be purchased in small sizes at sephora if you have a fear of commitment (the minis are also great for travel!). you can try living proof’s straight spray for $17 – $29 at sephora.


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