cover fx total cover cream foundation

cover fx total cover cream foundation

when testing a new foundation, i almost always look for the same combination of features. in short, i love a finish that flawlessly covers all of my hyperpigmentation and redness without looking like stage makeup. it has to go on quickly, easily (i’m not one for a lot of effort) and stay all day in a semi-matte finish that won’t get shiny or greasy. color matching is also key! it can be tough to find the right shade in a lot of foundation lines and i often end up with something that’s just a touch to pink or too yellow.

the generous team at cover fx offered to send me their latest release and they even color-matched my skin tone from a recent photo. the formula is a true cream (almost a hybrid between a concealer and foundation) and comes in a compact. i’ve been starting light and building coverage using this brush with fantastic results. the coverage is not too cakey or heavy and it sits really nicely on my skin without irritating it in the least. acne scars and redness are fully covered and it stays matte all day. (although, the true test will be in summer’s wicked humidity. dc winters don’t really challenge my oily skin too much.)

the shade range on total cover is seriously impressive, with 28 shades for ladies who are the fairest porcelain to the deepest rich ebony, with neutral, pink, or golden undertones.

if you’re in the market for a foundation that gives medium-to-full, buildable coverage, this is definitely my new favorite. you can visit sephora for an expert color match or buy online for $42.


4 thoughts on “cover fx total cover cream foundation

  1. This is fairly off topic but I must tell you: I’ve been using the Cover FX tinted moisturizer for a couple years now and I think it’s such an amazing product! I always think it’s strange that I don’t hear more about the line. But I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for one– super light feeling on the skin, with great blendability and a pretty good color range from what I can remember.


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