julieg nail color by jesse’s girl cosmetics

julieg nails

all nail polishes are not created equal.

and trust me when i tell you that these lacquers? are the stuff that at-home manicure dreams are made of.

i am admittedly atrocious at painting my own nails, but either my skills have heightened dramatically overnight or there’s a tiny bit of magic in these bitty bottles. the combination of a smooth shiny polish and the i-can’t-put-my-finger-on-why-it’s-perfect brush make for a flawless finish. the product is super easy to brush on and mistakes cleaned up in a cinch without staining my fair skin.

one of the things i liked best is that my nails were ready to run out the door after just one coat of cherry on top. the nail color is so pigmented and the formula so great that my fingers were looking party-ready in two minutes flat.

(i did add a second coat for shine and opted for an accent nail using my private palace – tis the season, after all!)

they dried lickety split and have been wearing well for the last couple of days with no topcoat needed and no chips to speak of. i am really impressed by the quality of these polishes at such a steal-worthy price.

you can check out julieg nail color by jesse’s girl cosmetics ($3.99 each) at select rite aid stores or online.

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