show me your lip bomb, kate

kate headley lip bomb

name: kate
internet home: kate headley wedding & lifestyle photography
she says: carmex is like a drink of water for your lips! it feels so good. i wear the revlon when i’m going out and i need a little something extra. (also, because i gave it to her – and it looks gorgeous on!)
number of products: 2
the bomb: 

carmex moisturizing lip balm stick, $1.59
revlon colorburst lip butter in cherry tart, $7.49

when kate and i were shooting for burberry, she stumbled upon the lip bomb project. of course she leapt at the chance to participate. and minimal it may be, i dare say it’s the prettiest bomb we’ve seen. (she is a professional photog, afterall!) and don’t you love the festive ornament tossed in for added flare? thanks, kate :)

keep sending your #lipbombs to!

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