all decked out in burberry body


nothing makes me feel more luxe and feminine than a fancy new scent.  the lovely people at burberry sent me their ‘body’ eau de parfum to test and asked me to style a photo shoot inspired by the fragrance.


body is effortlessly glam with top notes of absinthe, peach, and freesia, but also warm and elegant with hints of rose, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla. the packaging is so gorgeous and the scent so luxurious that it evokes a feeling of an era gone by.


the sparkle that comes with the holiday season goes so naturally with burberry body – and there’s nothing more girly than getting all dolled up to go out. i put on my favorite new party dress and snapped a few shots at my vanity, surrounded by sequins. i hope you like!

006 005 003

shop the burberry body fragrance collection at macy’s!


all photos are by my very talented friend, kate headley.

ps – want to see this dress (and me!) in person? if you’re in dc, come learn festive holiday makeup tips, eat chocolate, drink champagne and score some free beauty, during ‘all decked out’ tonight at wink! details here.


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