pop beauty peak performance mascara


forget everything you know about applying mascara, because it’s all about to change.

we’ve seen brush variety galore when it comes to painting our lashes, but new peak performance mascara from pop beauty is changing the game with the most innovative packaging i’ve seen to date.

housed in a slim pen-like tube, you twist and click the bottom (much like our beloved stila lip glazes) to dispense product into the plastic bristled comb tip. from there, application takes some practice, but the results are unrivaled length, volume, drama, and separation. somehow, this direct approach (no long wand to wave) gives great control and allows you to coat each lash with precision. the formula is a thick black gel that goes on like shiny lacquer and dries completely. it stays all day without flakes or smudges making it the longest lasting mascara that i have tried. i love the way that the formula lifts and holds curl and it’s a cinch to remove with warm water and basic cleanser (no extra remover or wipe is necessary).

if your lashes are primed for a mascara revolution, this is it.

pick up pop beauty peak performance for $20 at ulta.


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