vapour aura multi-use blush


i’ve decided that i like the youthful lit-from-within glow that i get from a cream blush. even though my skin gets shiny, i feel like powder blush can be aging on me and i don’t love that. the problem with cream blushes is that they sit on your skin so if you touch your cheeks, you can feel a stickiness. worse, if you’re married to a portuguese man and you have to double cheek-kiss all of your in laws upon arrival and departure you will literally stamp your cream blush on to the cheeks of everyone you greet. ugh, it’s a disaster.

so, happy am i to discover aura multi-use blush from vapour organic beauty. the slim stick houses a beautiful blush that can be easily applied to cheeks and lips, or even used as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, brow bone, etc. i’m sweet on the ‘radiant’ formula which has a touch of sophisticated shimmer. my shade is whisper, an orgasm-esque warm pink with gold shimmer. it’s perfect for layering over bronzer and can be worn all year-round. best of all, it dries to a smooth finish giving me the bright and refreshed look i love, without the stickiness.

on top of the prettiness it provides, i delight in knowing aura’s organic ingredients, minerals, and vitamins are infusing my skin with calming antioxidants. the packaging makes it a dream to travel with and very easy to keep handy for touch ups.

if you’re looking for a natural dewy sheen this winter, this is your new best friend. vapour aura multi-use blush is available here for $28.


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