come get ‘all decked out’ with me in dc!

All Decked Out!

dc area beauties (and beyond – this one might be worth a fly in, just sayin’):

i have been wanting to bring the glossarie to life for the longest time. my vision had always been to host some sort of beauty school event or series of makeup lessons and i’m so excited to announce the very first installment – all decked out.

just in time for the holidays and more importantly new year’s eve, local makeup artist lauren miller is going to teach us how to perfect the art of the cat eye and how to craft the very best red lip at wink boutique. we will all soak in lauren’s expertise while shopping wink’s finest at 25% off, sipping champagne and enjoying gourmet chocolates from edward marc (is your mouth watering?).

my favorite part is that some of my favorite beauty brands have sent over their best black eye liners and red lipsticks so that you can create lauren’s looks at home.

i hope you can join us two weeks from today!


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