my mario badescu skincare regimen

mario badescu

at my wits end with my skin (yet again), i turned to the experts at mario badescu for a customized regimen. as i ran through my laundry list of complaints (acne-ridden, tight after washhing, oily in the afternoons, sensitive and all around miserable to deal with) my expectations were low that the brand could deliver anything that would improve the situation. i was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm and friendly “let’s get you cleared up!” and a note that my new skincare was en route.

the products that landed on my doorstep (complete with personalized instructions) were simple and no frills. i fully appreciated that they were completely non intimidating and after following the instructions to a tee, i noticed a quick response from my skin. from the very first wash, i felt pretty confident that this system could really work for me. things were clearer, but also healthier and more nourished. the routine wasn’t just ridding my face of bacteria and clogged pores, it was giving something back, but without extra ingredients that my skin doesn’t need. this is very difficult to achieve. knowing that the line is botanical-based and fairly priced has only fueled my love affair.

here’s the system that’s working for me:

AM glycolic foaming cleanser, $15 – lathers and exfoliates dead skin chemically (which i’ve learned is so much better for my sensitive skin that manual scrubs and brushes)

AM oil-free moisturizer, $22 – light and soothing, a pea-sized amount hydrates my entire face without clogging pores, it also leaves my skin so soft and works as a great base for makeup

PM orange cleansing soap, $12 – oil-free and soap-free, removes all makeup and dirt without stripping skin

PM seaweed cleansing lotion, $15 – super gentle, non-drying, catches any traces of makeup that i may miss with my cleanser and includes anti-inflamatories to help with redness

PM a.h.a. & ceramide moisturizer, $20 – oil-free with lemon extract, revives my oft-congested skin, non-greasy and really helps to restore everything (since acne treatments can be super dulling)

it’s the exact right amount of steps, the exact right combination of formulas. all together, it’s not too gentle, and not too harsh. my skin has never been happier!

am i way late to this party? have you tried mario’s miracle workers?

8 thoughts on “my mario badescu skincare regimen

  1. I might have to check these guys out! I like that it’s not uber expensive either.
    The thing that really transformed my skin was using a Retin A cream every night. I used to break out SO bad around “that time of month”, and this takes care of that (and any other break outs too). I think it’s normally for wrinkles, but something *mumble* science-y *mumble* makes it work for acne too.


    • i used to use retin a in high school and i loved it! unfortunately, they don’t recommend it for ladies who might even maybe possibly become pregnant, not that it’s in my plans, but apparently you can’t risk it.


  2. mario badescu has been my saving grace, especially for my chest acne. for the past two years i had these little bumps on my chest and nothing could get ride of them, including all the dermatologist prescribed medicines. i finally started using the aha botanical wash about a year ago and have not had a little red bump since. I use it for my face too and it works great. i also looove the drying lotion. i highly recommend both.


  3. I have been loyally using Mario B products for years now, and I continue to adore the line because of its natural botanical, slightly clinical feel. No overpowering scents, no over the top packaging, just beautiful products that nourish my skin. It’s almost embarrassing at this point how many products from the line I own!


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