victoria’s secret moisture luxe hand cream

victoria's secret moisture luxe hand cream

these tubes have a luxe appeal that i can appreciate. i love the extra detail of their twist top, giving them an apothecary feel, but also the fact that they are plastic, not metal. this means that there’s none of the oh-god-how-do-i-stop-the-lotion-from-coming-out panic moments after you squeeze to apply. but as good as these hand creams look on the outside, it’s what’s inside that’s really got me singing.

the lotions that live inside these tubes are deeply nourishing, boasting a trio of unique scents. not only do they glide on and sink right in, leaving skin intensely soft, but they offer up their subtle perfume throughout the day making me smile every time i touch my hair (which is a lot). shea butter and avocado oil make these ultra rich and gorgeous and i feel like they really soothe my skin, restoring and moisturizing – perfect for fall and the colder months to come.

victoria’s secret moisture luxe hand cream comes in three scents, each available for $14 here.


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