sephora collection perfecting ultra-smoothing primer

products coming out of the sephora camp of late have really exceeded my expectations, but two of them have weaseled their way into my everyday beauty basket: my new favorite moisturizer being one and this primer being the other. the primer was a surprise sample in my sephora bag, but after one application, i couldn’t get back to the black and white mecca for a full-size version fast enough.

what makes this primer different from others is the slip in its texture which does more than cover skin and mute imperfections. it smooths and perfects, preventing makeup from sitting directly on your skin and creating the perfect canvas. when i apply it, i use less foundation because makeup goes on more evenly and looks more natural. it hangs on longer and keeps shine away (especially on my nose, whose oil glands are insanely persistent).

i have shied away from primers in the past because they have felt heavy and seemed like an unnecessary step in the process, but the lightweight feel and instant absorption on this one really improves my whole makeup look and the subtle hydrating properties feel so good on the skin.

if you’re looking for an impressive primer to improve skin tone and texture while masking minor imperfections, this is your best bet. get it at sephora for $15.


4 thoughts on “sephora collection perfecting ultra-smoothing primer

    • i personally like this one better than smashbox, although they behave very similarly. my skin just seems to take to this one a bit nicer. if price is a concern, then the sephora version is less than half the cost and you get the same result. hope that helps!


      • It does, thanks Lara :) I do love the Smashbox one, and I don’t mind paying for it but hey, if there’s a product somewhere doing the same (or better) at half the cost, it’s always interesting!


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