dermelect provocative

i’m putting the ‘cure’ in my mani this month with a poppy pink shade from dermelect. the new ME collection is more than just a polish range. the bottles house a true color treatment infused with peptides to protect and restore fragile, weak nails.

the fresh fuchsia dries fast, delivering high-gloss shine and resists the chipping, splitting and peeling that run rampant this time of year due to cooler, drier temps. two coats do the trick and i’m highly impressed by the way coat number one quickly bonds to nails. my nails feel more flexible with this stuff and i love the bold color.

nail products really have come a long way and it’s a real treat to find something that is not only without harmful chemicals (so many wonderful brands are dbp, toulene, formaldehyde and cruelty-free these days) but something that actually delivers benefits to the nails.

on top of the benefits that your nails will enjoy, this month, 30% of net proceeds of provocative will go to cancer and careers, a non-profit organization and program of cosmetic executive women, inc. that empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in the workplace.

it just doesn’t get much better than that.

if you must have this multi-tasker in your mani kit, get it here. (with free shipping! you’re welcome.)


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