on sundays, we boost

yes, i know it’s monday, but as i sit here enjoying the effects of last night’s skin treatment, i feel compelled to share my little secret.

first, you should know that for a high maintenance beauty queen, i’m sadly lazy about my skincare. i can only commit to so complicated of a routine and three steps is definitely where i max out…but, for someone whose skin sees as much action as mine does in the product-switching department, i need a regular part of the regimen that can work some serious miracles – the requirements being that it has to be speedy and it has to work wonders once-a-week.

my answer to the riddle is somme institute’s boost mask. it’s subtly pumpkin scented (making it especially appealing this time of year!) and has an almost gluey texture that glides onto skin and begins warming on contact. the formula nourishes and regenerates making way for clearer pores and less redness while also working to improve sun damage and fine lines. it’s gentle but at the same time supremely fierce at absorbing oil, destroying dirt and impurities. it’s a pleasure to use and works its magic in ten minutes flat.

last night alone, it softened the blow on an allergic reaction to something i tested last week. this morning, i awoke to fresh skin almost completely clear of the little bumps left behind by a wayward foundation that have been lingering for days.

boost is nicely priced at $40. grab your own tube here.


7 thoughts on “on sundays, we boost

  1. Was that a Mean Girls reference? If so, I totally got it. If not, I think I’ve seen Mean Girls too many times.

    I’m always on the lookout for new products–I might have to try this out. I’ve actually recently started a series of chemical peels at a dermatologist in Reston Town Center, and HOLY COW, it’s working magic. My goal was to get to a place where I didn’t need to wear foundation, and even after the first one, I’ve noticed a huge difference. I had a few days of awesome peeling, but it’s made a giant difference in my skin.

    xo Tier


    • really! i’m a little afraid of chemical peels, but those results sound awfully tempting. (ps – spot on with the mean girls reference :))


      • I was afraid too, but the fact that it was done at a dermatologist’s office made me feel a lot better. And for me, the peeling was just like if I had a sunburn–I was able to hide it with lots of moisturizer, powder, and long swoopy bangs. I go to Reston Dermatology (right in Reston Hospital), and I see Heather. She’s really great! And, you can schedule a free skin consultation so they’ll check out what you’ve got going on and offer recommendations. Plus, I think if you drop my name, you’ll get $35 to spend.


  2. Somehow your posts just have the magic of making me want to rush out and buy a product (you’re usually right, to be honest, Dr Lipp? The best thing EVER), so I have added this to the very top of my wish list!


    • well that is just about the best compliment you could ever give me! so happy you’re loving dr. lipp – can’t wait to hear what you think of boost :)


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