suave kids detangling spray

remember when you were five years old and your mom would use detangling spray to get the pesky knots out of your hair?

and, remember when you were 25 years old and still using detangler designed for children to get out said pesky knots that you’ve not yet outgrown?

for the fine maned, tangles know no age, and to this day i use suave kids double dutch apple detangling spray daily for smooth, snag-free locks. the sweet-smelling spray is made for kids but strong enough for a lady – making my post-shower comb-through perfectly painless.

and i think that, effectiveness aside, the cartoon octopus on the bottle, the one doing double dutch with an apple on its head? really adds something.

to bid tangles adieu and say hello to apple-scented smoothness, check the drugstore aisles or get it delivered here.


6 thoughts on “suave kids detangling spray

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