beauty for real miracle mascara

one of the many things that i love about having a beauty blog is the opportunity to meet and test new-to-me brands that would have never wound up on my radar. beauty for real is a perfect example. i don’t know where this little line has been hiding, but the arrival of their miracle mascara on my doorstep has brought a welcome change to my eyelashes.

i have the most watery eyes on the planet. they are constantly tearing meaning that my mascara is constantly running. even though there are tons of no-smudge and waterproof versions on the market, i hate the dried-out way that they make my eyes and lashes feel. the beauty for real formula conquers that obstacle with ease. this creamy mascara glides onto lashes looking feathery and shockingly natural (we are talking length and volume that looks like it’s growing right out of your own lash follicles). i absolutely love the look that it gives me. there are no clumps (none!), no lash comb necessary and the wear on this stuff is beyond compare. i can make it through a full work day, a happy hour, and a walking workout without a smudge or flake. beauty for real has created a formula that resists oil, sweat, and tears, yet still removes easily with warm water. i am in awe.

some of you may be interested to know that the tube itself boasts a magnifying mirror and a light-up wand, neither of which i’ve taken advantage of (it’s not often that i’m doing my makeup in a dark alley), but both are a nice added bonus if you like that sort of thing.

if you’re a contact wearer or discerning mascara maven, pop on over to beauty for real and pick up your daily miracle for $23.


6 thoughts on “beauty for real miracle mascara

  1. Is this Mascara better than the Trish McAvoy mascara you rave about? I bought the Trish McAvoy on your recommendation and loved how it stayed on all day AND came off with just warm water – but it can be kind of clumpy and dry.


  2. Is it better than Trish McAvoy? I bought the Trish mascara on your recommendation, and I agree that it’s pretty awesome, but it this stuff can do everything the Trish mascara can PLUS it doesn’t clump and isn’t dry, then I want to try it!


    • this gives less drama and thickness than the trish mcevoy (which is what brings the clumping). you sacrifice some volume, but the natural length and separation is to die for! they’re very different mascaras, but this one does not clump, is not dry and does not smudge! let me know if you decide to try it :)


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