living proof prime style extender

this lightweight lotion is bringing big brains to my beauty routine. created by the mit scientists behind living proof, prime style extender is a non-sticky hair product that delivers improved manageability and really helps a blowout last. working in a manner similar to what makeup primer does for your face (evens out tone and texture, helps makeup stick around much longer), prime makes a noticeable difference in how quickly my hair gets dirty. an everyday blowout lasts more than two full days without dry shampoo – quite a miracle in the world that is my head.

the product is designed to work alongside whatever products you already use, but beauties like myself (with fine hair that tends toward oily) will enjoy the fact that it actually replaces my former routine and cuts drying time in half.

i’ll save you the science behind why this works the way it does, but trust me when i say that you will definitely see a few extra miles from your hairstyles with this in your arsenal.

living proof prime style extender is available at sephora for $20.


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