givenchy hydra sparkling magic lip & cheek balm

you guys know that i fall victim to any and all tinted lip balms that come on to the scene. (it’s like a sickness…but it’s the very sickness that fuels this blog, so what can ya do?) i finally pulled the purchase trigger on one that’s been on my list for a long while: givenchy’s hydra sparkling magic lip & cheek balm. at $31 it was not a buy that i took lightly but man-oh-man am i glad that i snatched this little baby up!

here’s the dish: on my bi-weekly stroll through sephora, i popped right over to the givenchy wall and used a disposable lip wand to apply a wash of this thick, buttery balm. i thoroughly enjoyed the intensely hydrating effect, but promptly forgot about it until i walked by a mirror and caught site of my lips. they had transformed into the most beautiful rosy pink! not a hint of that neon day-glow pink that all-too-often accompanies a product that claims to “adjust” – this is a delicate, opaque stain that i feel fairly confident does not exist in a lipstick tube anywhere. it’s that unique and dare i say, that pretty.

no matter the season, pink and glossy lips are always on my wish list, so i have a good feeling that this portable pot will remain a staple for many months to come.

this innovative formula is available at sephora.

note: the website is sold out of the peach glow, but my local sephora had lots of both shades in stock!

please also note: i would not put this on my cheeks, the consistency is too glossy for my likes. but don’t let that hold you back! and please report below if you do use this on your cheeks – i’m very curious.


4 thoughts on “givenchy hydra sparkling magic lip & cheek balm

      • Yep, they’re not in Ireland! but as I’m going back to France quite often, I always make sure to include a bit of Sephora-shopping in my planning :)


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