pacifica island vanilla solid perfume

sweet and sultry, this new solid perfume from pacifica is better than your average vanilla thanks to inspiration from the islands and a touch of tahitian spice. as a long-time bestseller for pacifica, i’m thrilled to see island vanilla in this perfectly simple and affordable solid form. it’s adorably portable and refreshingly natural (little known fact: solid perfumes are made with far fewer ingredients than liquid – and they are often clean things like beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils), plus the solid makes it ideal for layering. i’m loving the unexpected warmth and girliness that it’s bringing to my early fall days.

to get a taste of island vanilla in solid perfume ($9), click here.

note: perfumes and scents are the toughest things to review. i try desperately to bring them to life, but i know that it’s nearly impossible to choose one based on a written description. well, pacifica has solved the problem: their top 17 scents are now available in .1 oz solid perfume samples for just $2 each, making fragrance shopping practically foolproof. you get plenty of product to test and their tiny size makes them great for traveling. shop the full range here and sample away!

do you have any tricks for shopping scents online? please share!


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