jouer essential matte touch

it’s not feeling so september-y in virginia these days, and until the temps dip below 80 degrees, i’m going to be prone to shiny face. while me and the gland gods duke it out over that one, at least i’ve found a simple solution in jouer’s essential matte touch.

my most contentious areas are the creases on the sides of my nose, the dip between my bottom lip and my chin, and the pesky upside down triangle between my brows. the glow is apparent immediately after applying moisturizer and doesn’t disappear with the application of makeup. to combat this little problem, i’ve taken to dabbing matte touch on my trouble spots and shine is zapped completely without the need for powder or blotting papers. my makeup glides smoothly over the places where i apply and the result is a flawless face. this is a weapon of shiny mass destruction, a new and all-too valuable asset in my beauty arsenal.

if you need to keep your oil in control, jouer’s essential matte touch is a must. grab your own here for $26.


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