theBALM stainiac

’tis the season for boots, pumpkin spice, and dark, stormy manicures, but i still have trouble saying goodbye to my cherished summer glow. enter, thebalm staniac. this lip and cheek tint (discovered thanks to birchbox) is the perfect product to help hang onto that sunkissed look long into the chillier months.

i tried beauty queen, a light, sheer berry tint. one swipe on the apple of each cheek leaves you looking fresh for daytime, or dab it on a few times for a more dramatic look. bonus: for a night out, i like to add nars the multiple orgasm on top for extra shimmer.

the best part about this product is that you really have to layer it to get a lot of color, so there’s no danger in looking like a clown on your first attempt, even if you’re heavy-handed.

keep your pretty flush for fall: buy staniac online here.


12 thoughts on “theBALM stainiac

  1. I discovered this thanks to Birchbox too and it is amazing! I’m not one for a very bold lip, but this is just understated enough and I love it with a little shiny gloss over it!


  2. oh i love this! i’ve been looking for a cheek stain to try out. this summer i was head over heels for Maybelline’s Bouncy in Frosting Pink, but now that fall is here and my lips are going darker with every NARS shade i can get my hands on, i’d like to do the same with the cheeks. thanks for the product tip! also, i’m interested in trying the NARS orgasm — worth the bucks??

    xx! eileen


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