bite beauty honey lip lacquer

i can get behind anything that the bite beauty team puts out. i love that the line is dedicated exclusively to lips and more importantly, i love that they do lips so well. they’ve already got me covered with a go-to lipstick, balm, and tint – now i can add the perfect gloss to my collection.

the problem with lip gloss in general is that while it gives a great finish, most of them pack no punch in the staying power department, but thanks to the addition of manuka honey, bite’s gloss isn’t going anywhere. your lips will feel the difference right away and you’ll notice the way that this stuff grips on to them (yet somehow does not feel sticky), locking in moisture. you get balm-like feel, glossy look, and a stain-like finish with none of that tacky weirdness.

bite really nailed it with these lovelies – and their glass tubes make them look like a million bucks. the wet look lasts for a couple of hours and even as the shine dulls down, you’re left with a good stain-y pop of color so that there’s less need for touch up – highly impressive performance from an all natural product.

bite beauty honey lip lacquer is available at sephora for $24.


7 thoughts on “bite beauty honey lip lacquer

    • if you like pretty products that actually work, then i think you and i will get along just fine, sallie :) thanks for stopping by!


  1. THE JUST-BITTEN STAIN: This little beauty delivers a sheer stain to add color in a very fairy tale, “I have naturally bright pink lips, sorry!” kind of way. TBD Favorite: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis in #14.


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