bobbi brown intensifying long-wear mascara

i can’t stand mascara smudges and i find that everything smudges on me. it’s right up there with lipstick on the teeth on my list of beauty pet peeves – making me look far less polished and put together than i’d like and it drives. me. crazy.

bobbi’s new mascara was seeming too good to be true when i read about its sleek little brush (love!) and long-wearing formula. when it arrived, i made haste to apply two coats and head out for a 4-mile walk in the 90+ degree heat, figuring if it could stand up against those sweaty elements, then maybe it was a keeper. i returned home slightly sunburned and a little worse for the wear, but my lashes looked fabulous with not a smudge to speak of.

in true bobbi fashion, the formula glides on to lashes and the smaller, fine-bristled brush really grabs on to every lash, making it especially easy to coat the ones at the corners. it gives a natural finish with an enhancement to length and definition. it’s not a dramatic volume-maker, but the clump-free long-wear and ability to remove it with warm water have really impressed me. i have found very few mascaras that can meet my high expectations, and this one does it beautifully.

i can’t say (yet) that it’s overtaken my top shelf mascara, but i feel confident that i have a seriously good replacement should the trish mcevoy factory go down in flames. (yes, i have concerns about these things…it’s a wonder i don’t stockpile more beauty products in anticipation of a cosmetic apocalypse!)

bobbi brown intensifying long-wear mascara is available here for $24.


2 thoughts on “bobbi brown intensifying long-wear mascara

  1. This sounds great, the whole mascara smudging into the crease under my eyes drives me CRAZY! The mascara I’ve found solved the issue is Benefit’s They’re Real – the only thing I’ve found it does not hold up to is swimming or crying – I use a Yves Saint Laurent waterproof one for the former, and, well I never plan for the latter!


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