from the pages of my lucky mag

from the pages of my lucky magazine

lucky’s september issue was bursting with beauty and the magazine’s monthly arrival in my mailbox is always a huge source of inspiration. the tear sheets were just too good to keep to my self this month! here are a few of the new-to-me beauty discoveries that i’m lusting after:

givenchy’s le gloss révélateur de liv magic lipgloss lipcolor revealer may look clear (and also be a mouthful to say?) but once you brush it on, the formula reacts to your ph balance and turns to a custom pink. my custom pink is always an electric neon, but these products are so fun to try that i can’t resist a new one.

shiseido lacquer rouge in disco can be applied to lips and cheeks for what jean godfrey-june calls “gorgeous and alive and not like you have bright pink lipstick on your cheeks.” she also touts its long-lasting vibrancy. uh, sign me up, please.

lucky is daring us to keep blush bright for fall and they recommend dabbing this revlon photoready cream blush on the fattest part of our cheeks. a bright pink glow? i am so sold.

finally, yes to tomatoes blemish clearing facial towelettes and philosophy’s clear days ahead fast-acting salicylic acid acne spot treatment work together as what lucky claims to be a clear skin miracle. the towelettes cleanse, tone, and treat keeping breakouts at bay removing makeup insanely fast, without drying or stripping skin. for extra oomph, philosophy packs a punch with this ultra-effective spot treatment. lucky says it zaps zits overnight – we’ll see about that, but i’ll try anything!

have you tried any of these? any of them that you’re longing for me to review in more depth?


4 thoughts on “from the pages of my lucky mag

  1. givenchy le gloss revelateur de liv magic lipgloss lipcolor revealer! i haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells it, not even sephora anymore :( any suggestions to where i can get my hands on it? thanks!


    • bummer! you’re right, it looks like it’s sold out everywhere. i would definitely sign up for the sephora email that alerts you when something comes back in stock. just in case someone returns one without using it? good luck!!


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