dr. lipp original nipple balm for lips

for those of you who think i’ve lost my mind, bear with me here. i promise i’m going somewhere with this – and it’s going to be good.

beast feeding moms have been hip to the greatest beauty trick for years and someone (finally?) got smart and packaged nipple balm for lips. i was a total skeptic, but my momma friends have long been telling me that the stuff is great on your lips.

i believed them, but their raves didn’t exactly send me running to the drugstore to stock up on nipple cream. this little tube, though, was designed with me in mind. it looks like lip balm and it’s even beauty bag sized to make this whole situation feel more appropriate. however, i’m fully aware that even if it does look good in the package, not everyone is brave enough to slather nipple balm on their lips. but lucky for you, that’s why i’m here. and I’m telling you, you need to try this.

not just for its all natural, ultra rich, insanely long-lasting lip moisturizing goodness or even for the beautiful (i mean gorgeous!) shine that it leaves on your lips, but i mostly need you to try it for its incredibly strong grippy-ness and awesome functionality as a like-glue lip primer of epic proportions.

a word of warning, this formula is intensive and some may say sticky, but i am so sold on dr. lipp’s secret ability to latch on to lip color and hold tight for hours upon hours while still leaving lips crazy moisturized. it has turned some of my favorite shades of drying lipstick into complete winners because my lips are soothed and my color stays opaque and creamy. (ever notice how some lip balms thin out your lip color, making it more sheer than you’d like?) the best way i can describe it is that it almost acts as a barrier: lip moisture is sealed in place by the balm, and the balm holds on to your lip color for dear life.

i’ve already squirreled away several tubes, so if you want to snap one up before i get to your sephora next, buy dr. lipp original nipple balm for lips here for $14.50.

are you on board yet? had you tried this little gem of a beauty secret way before me?


13 thoughts on “dr. lipp original nipple balm for lips

  1. It sounds awesome, but if the only ingredient is lanolin, I imagine you can find it pretty cheap at CVS or babies r us, even though the packaging may not be as cute.


  2. Wow…had no clue this existed. Thanks!

    I have a reader request. And you may have covered it already over time but I am in search of a splurge concealer and a drugstore concealer. I’ve never splurged on one and I want to see if it makes like a different woman…aka. Super woman! One that instantly brightens your whole face. Any ideas? Thanks!!


    • i sent you an email, but my top concealer recommendations are cle de peau for a splurge and maybelline cover stick for a save. i think cle de peau will indeed make you a different woman, but that’s just me :)


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