sephora collection pro airbrush #55

we have much to discuss in terms of this brush.

for starters, it is the highest quality brush i think i’ve ever used – holding it makes me feel like a professional (and we all know that couldn’t be further from the truth!). not a single hair has come loose from use (a miracle) and it comes with a protector cap that makes traveling a cinch.

for a bit of a backstory, before this brush, i was considering buying new foundation because i was having major mid-day breakdown. on a whim, i decided that maybe i should upgrade my old stippling brush and go for something sturdier. perhaps the problem wasn’t with my foundation, but in the application.

well, the purchase saved my routine! the dense bristles of this brush are ultra soft and buff my favorite makeup on for an airbrushed finish. i don’t know how to describe it, but this brush makes my skin look better. it’s glowy, but not greasy. my foundation lasts longer and the results are flawless. if you’re a liquid foundation girl, this brush might just change your world.

the sephora collection pro airbrush #55 is $34.


4 thoughts on “sephora collection pro airbrush #55

    • i am obsessed! so many people have been complimenting my skin since i started using it and i haven’t changed a THING in my routine, but this brush.


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