rahua jet setter kit

this travel-ready family of four is the latest addition to my carry on. with two trips to nyc on my agenda for august, the timing of finding a new hair savior under 3 oz couldn’t be any better!

rahua (ra-wa, named for the restorative oil that anchors its product line) has based its formula on the secrets of the long, strong, flowing hair belonging to the women of the amazon rain forest. the result of their efforts is outstanding results from 100% all natural ingredients.

the jet setter kit features both of rahua’s shampoo-conditioner duos in a plastic pouch and, after scraping the bottoms of each bottle, i can tell you that they leave my hair clean and nourished, with a little extra shine and bounce. in a pinch, each conditioner doubles as a smoothing styling lotion (seriously amazing – does this work with all conditioners?!) and as yet another added bonus, something in these products actually works to keep my hair cleaner longer. i get a full two days out of each wash without a need to douse my head in dry shampoo. (this is huge for me!)

all in all, i’m highly impressed and plan to make some room in the shower so that i can move the full-size voluminous versions into my caddy. if you want to give these natural wonders a try, pick up the jet setter kit from anthropologie. your hair can thank me later.


5 thoughts on “rahua jet setter kit

    • oh no, i’m not sure about that…they’re all natural (no sulfates or any of that bad stuff) so i bet they would be gentle, but i have virgin hair so i’m a terrible amateur when it comes to hair color!


      • I might just have to try them at the end of a cycle. I just tried out that jar of Russian Amber, that’s an “end of cycle” product too but smells SO GOOD. Normally my experience is that sulfate-free is the worst for color, esp red. They replace them with much harsher ingredients that build up SO badly and cannot cut through styling products or rich conditioner.


      • ahh bummer! that is so good to know. i guess you otherwise very lucky redheads must tread carefully in the land of hair products :)


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