maybelline dream bouncy blush

now i know that this blush is nothing new. the blogs raved about it months ago but i was too timid to give it the old college try. you see, i couldn’t for the life of me figure out how you were supposed to apply it. i love maybelline, love the color range, love the idea of a powder-gel formula…but how to get it onto my cheeks?

well, i dedicated my morning to playing around with it and found that the consistency is less bouncy, more mold-able solid. after a few attempts to apply it with my fingers (you need like four layers to get any pigment showing) and a brush or two (nope, just don’t even waste your time), i flipped the case upside down, held it by the lid, and stamped the color directly from the rounded dome onto my cheek.

the result was amazingly beautiful color, no brush needed. huzzah!

i highly doubt that’s the way that the fine people at maybelline intended it to be applied (also, i may be the only person on the planet with chunky chipmunk-y enough cheeks to pull it off…) but it is working for me and i adore the end look and feel.

so anyway, please carry on with your saturday. i’ll just be over here continuing my mad love affair with this blush (in orchid hush) and patting myself on the back for my super sleuth-y beauty problem-solving skills.

happy weekend!

10 thoughts on “maybelline dream bouncy blush

  1. Haha that’s awesome! How is the wear time on you? Maybe I never put enough on but it never lasted more than an hour or two on me! :(


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