wet n wild juicy lip balm spf 15

i ran into cvs on a whim after a particularly long day yesterday and a casual breeze by the wet n wild end cap (on a search for olive eyeliner, obvi) revealed a four-sibling group of huge, bright, and positively scrumptious-looking lip balms. i don’t think i have ever plucked something off the shelf and marched myself to the register so quickly as when i spotted the wild cherry flavor. $3.14 later i was sitting in my car staring at my lips in amazement.

holy gorgeous creamy coral-red tint and scrumptious cherry flavor!

we’re talking popsicle-like yumminess and color that could easily be mistaken for this far more expensive option. it was all i could do not to dash back into the drugstore and pick up the red raspberry version. (i held back, but it’s totally on my agenda for today.) i may just ditch all of my other lip products for the remainder of summer. this one is light and refreshing, hydrating and protects with spf. well done, wet n wild. well done!

wet n wild juicy lip balm is available in drugstores for $2.99.

9 thoughts on “wet n wild juicy lip balm spf 15

  1. I got the Watermelon a couple weeks ago, and I love it! It’s green, but thankfully completely sheer and doesn’t turn my lips into a Hulk version… but it smells and feels so good!


    • haha i’m a sucker for all things cherry flavored (i have a minor dependency on luden’s cough drops) so this was a BIG winner in my book.


  2. Um, I might definitely have to buy this.

    On an unrelated note, now that I have a little bit more disposable income, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of skincare products I should invest in. My problems are like most other 25 year old’s… I sometimes have hormonal break outs… I have some residual scarring from picking at pimples as a teenager… and I want something that will help prevent wrinkles.

    I’ve been clicking around Sephora and Amazon, trying to figure out what kinds of things I should buy. I’ve heard good things about at-home glycolic peels (like by Ren) and fancy masks (like Boscia), but I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly what kind of regimen I should be trying out.

    (OMG, this is rambling now, I’m sorry!) My current regimen is:
    Cleanser: Murad Timewise Cleanser
    Exfoliant: I’ll switch between Dermalogica and a drugstore Clean and Clear.
    Day Cream: I use Boscia’s BB cream.
    Night Cream: …? Whatever random face lotion I have. This is probably where I can improve.
    Blemish Fighter: Random drugstore brand.

    I’m thinking I could add a good mask or two, a good night cream (that doesn’t make me break out), and some kind of fancy pants serum/treatment.

    Any product suggestions (or even a post on what to buy when you’re 25!) would be awesome.


    • hello! i can send you an email with more suggestions, but since you laid everything out so nicely here – i’ll take a stab at it :) 1. you definitely need a night cream! it sounds like you have a pretty comprehensive routine going so i would keep it to something simple. cerave pm is my favorite! it gives your skin everything it needs to repair itself overnight. at 25 it should be perfect for your skin! 2. for your hormonal acne and your scarring, i would definitely recommend a nightly glycolic and a good mask once per week. i’m using skin authority’s resurfacing accelerator and calming mask, both of which i love! i’ll shoot you an email with some more ideas, too.


  3. Since I work at Walgreens I purchase all of your drug store beauty finds! I am loving this lip gloss and the Revlon lip products you recently blogged about…the chubby lip pencils and lip butter. The lip pencil color lasts forever and the lip butter is the perfect bit of moisture with a hint of color and shine. I bought 3 of each cause I couldnt decide on a color….and I love them all. Keep the suggestions coming!!


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