soap & glory foam-call

i just love this body wash by british beauty brand, soap & glory. foam-call is one of the most welcome additions to my shower possibly ever thanks to its unique (and delicious) scent, ultra moisturizing formula, and the fact that it doubles up as a luscious bubble bath. the oversized pump is a steal at $16 and a few squirts of this creamy wash onto your loofah will cause quite a stir in your morning routine. swipe it over your skin and you will notice an instant boost in hydration even decreasing the need for a body lotion. it cleanses well but rinses off completely and i cannot do the fruitigo scent justice without urging you to go smell it for yourself. i think that if it came in a perfume bottle i would buy it and the heavenly citrus oasis that it leaves lingering in the bathroom is super refreshing. as a word of warning, you might want to hide this one under the sink between washes, because your shower mates are definitely going to want some for themselves.

soap & flory’s foam-call is available at sephora.


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