nyx pin-up tease boudoir mascara

a $6 mascara is tough to come by these days, but a $6 mascara that rivals my beauty counter favorite? practically impossible. nyx pin-up tease mascara is more than a pleasant surprise to my lashes. while i will say that the curved, hard bristle comb takes some getting used to, the results are so worth the wait once you get the hang of it. i don’t think i’ve ever used a brush with this sharp of a curve and let me say that it delivers major curl. (in fact, it’s the end of the day as i write this and my fan of fringe is still standing at attention – a rarity, for sure.) the formula extends lashes nicely, giving them a bit of shine and tons of definition. all of that is well and good, but by now you know that the true test of a mascara for me is its staying power. this stuff is completely smudge-free, although removing it with warm water does take a bit of tugging on the lashes (if you’ve used other fiber mascaras, you know what i mean), but you can still get away without using a makeup remover. i am pretty smitten with this budget-friendly tube and find that i keep reaching for it again and again – a true testament to its rockstar’dom.

nyx pin-up tease mascara is available at ulta for $5.99.

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