stila set & correct powder

as summer swelters, i am constantly seeking products to perfect (and protect!) my makeup look. while i normally embrace the dew and stay away from setting powders, stila’s new set & correct has me changing my tune. more finishing touch and less cake-y matte-ifier, this super cool powder trio in a sleek black compact is good looking all on its own. a half turn of the shaver dispensed onto a big fluffy brush is perfect over a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation. just a tiny bit sets makeup flawlessly with a sheer finish and the three shades work together to brighten and illuminate (peach), minimize redness (green), and counteract sallow undertones (lavender). talk about super powers! this powder corrects the minor imperfections that your one-shade foundation cannot mask while zapping oil from the t-zone and any other shiny spots that may need tending when the temps reach the triple digits.

stila’s set & correct powder is available in a bunch of places for $34, but zappos will ship it for free! (you’re welcs.)


6 thoughts on “stila set & correct powder

    • can’t wait to hear what you think! it’s like this magical makeup veil that just corrects all of my skin’s unsightliness and sets everything into place.


  1. I love love love the powder…I use it as my foundation nothing else. My skin looks flawless, no more redness, just beautiful skin. The only problem…it’s only last me for 1 month. I’m sorely disappointed for the amount that I pay for the powder it should last at least for 3 months.


    • i love that you can use this as your foundation! i know what you mean about wanting it to last longer since you pay a pretty penny for it. i think most people use it as a finishing powder (so just a light dusting) and it lasts longer that way. if it’s working for you as your foundation though, keep at it! sounds like it’s worth the investment :)


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