day to night: eye treatments

the husband and i had ourselves a little evening last night. ’tis the year for our group of friends to be turning 30 and sometimes that calls for a booze cruise on a wednesday. unfortunately, my body is far too quick to remind me that drinking something called a shark bite and staying out way past my bedtime comes with serious repercussions – especially, in the puffy eye department. thankfully, i’m armed and ready to combat the signs of drinking (er, aging) with this pretty pair.

day to night eye creams

ole henriksen’s new ultimate lift eye gel roll on is instant refreshment in the mornings. on days like today when i could use an extra boost (like large dunkin’ donuts iced coffee boost), it’s a total life saver. i keep it in my makeup basket and after hopping out the shower and slathering on my moisturizer, i roll two reverse “c’s” on to each eye. starting in the inner corner, i make sure to get underneath my eye really good, then i roll it up and over my brow bone. it makes a noticeable difference fast. the cooling roller boll is like the old back of a cold spoon trick, but far better. in short, perk is up, puff is down, and the general public is none the wiser to my wednesday night shenanigans.

in the evening’s clinique’s all about eyes has made a permanent home on my bedside table. i used to consider it the training wheels of eye creams because it really covers the basics without the addition of any harsh chemicals my skin doesn’t need yet (knock on wood – stay away wrinkles!). an eye cream can make a major impact in your skincare routine, however, so i’m fully faithful to a nightly application. this stuff is light, yet soothing, the consistency falling somewhere between a gel and a serum and i find that it tightens, brightens, and hydrates with the best of ’em.


7 thoughts on “day to night: eye treatments

  1. That Clinique all about eyes is a staple, and you described that consistency to a T. It has been amazing that after 30 hits, you just don’t bounce back from booze cruises like you used to. It’s so sad really. Thank god for makeup and coffee when those mornings after roll around.


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